LearnKit Rental FAQ

How do borrowers receive and return items?

When you have completed your booking and payment, your item will be prepared and sent to your shipping address. You then have fun learning and playing with the LearnKit that you have chosen. Once completed, collect and re-pack the items.  Please follow the provided return instructions.  If you have any questions, please contact support. Your rental period starts from delivery/pick up of your LearnKit.

Does the rental period include shipping time?
No, the rental period begins from the day your package arrives, you then have the agreed rental period to use and learn. After the agreed rental period, please package and ship the item back to Learn and Return within 1 week. A $15/day late fee applies for delayed return,

Can I pickup my item instead of shipping?
Yes, we are a Melbourne based business and can arrange pickup after your order has been placed and payment completed. The pickup address will be shared for collection.

What is the security deposit charge?
The security deposit is a small charge on your card added to checkout to cover loss or damage outside usual wear and tear. The security deposit will be refunded upon return of the complete LearnKit. 

What if my item is damaged?
Please contact Learn and Return if your item is not working upon arrival. 

Normal wear and tear is completely expected on items and incurs no charge. Malicious and deliberate misuse will be recovered from the deposit. Please contact Learn and Return as soon as possible if something should occur and you are uncertain how to proceed with your rental or return.

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